Sonja K Billes, founder of August Scientific, has a PhD in Neuroscience from Oregon Health & Science University. She has over 20 years of experience in biomedical research and 11  years of experience as a medical writer in the pharmaceutical and drug development industries. 

With a strong background in the health sciences, Dr. Billes' experience includes writing about basic, preclinical, and translational science to reporting the results of large Phase 3 trials in high-impact medical journals. Sonja also mentors writers and healthcare professionals on effective reporting of clinical trials and scientific research.

Areas of expertise include obesity, diabetes, rare diseases, neuroscience, drug development, endocrinology, pharmacology, physiology, PWS, addiction, nutrition, infectious disease, and preclinical and translational science.

Dr. Billes has authored work on topics including: obesity, diabetes, rare diseases, weight loss, smoking cessation, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, NAFLD, wound healing, addiction, multiple sclerosis, and COPD.

Dr. Billes lives in San Diego, California.

A downloadable pdf of Sonja's CV is available here. 

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About August

August is derived from the Latin word, augustus, and means respected or impressive.